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In many cases, building a website involves modifying a website template at some early stage of the process. Changes will be made to the colors, fonts, backgrounds and other aspects of the template, as necessary to match the website owner's branding. Even for larger companies and projects, the fastest, most cost-effective way to obtain a functional and beautiful website design is by purchasing a website template.

Using a website template is a practical solution for several reasons.

Firstly, modern websites need to work on a variety of devices. The same website needs to be visible on phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and even larger screens. Even if you accept the extra cost of a fully custom website design, it will cost a far more time and money in development and testing to ensure your custom design works well across all devices. Most commercial website templates are built using a technique called responsive design – meaning that they will adjust the display of your website to respond to the device the end user is viewing it on. Templates are available for a fraction of the cost of a custom web design and take a fraction of the time to modify to your needs.

Secondly, commercial website templates are widely available. It is easy to find a good-looking template for a very affordable price – typically more than any website owner is prepared to pay for a fully custom design that can work well on all devices. There are so many of them out there that you are highly unlikely to see another website using your template. In the rare case another website uses the same template as yours - it is likely to be unrecognizable after you each modify the template and change all the content to suit your separate needs.

Mobile-friendly Website Template

Original Website Theme

Finally, website templates are typically a good return on investment. A custom website design can take make times longer and cost many times more than a template. For the small businesses and microentrepreneurs that make up the bulk of the website owners, the comparatively immense time and cost of a custom web design is not worth it - as many website templates look as good and function better than a custom website design.

In our work, we help the website owner to choose a commercial template that matches their design aesthetic and functional requirements. We favour high-quality suppliers, whose products we have worked with for many years – most of whom regularly provide updates to their templates that we can apply to our customer's websites. Website templates are not only used by small businesses and microentrepreneurs – even large corporations and governments appreciate high quality output and saving lots of time and money.

For the most part, choosing a website template is the best way to start building your website.

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