Slightly Modify the CMS Theme

Slightly Modify the CMS Theme

The process of building a website typically involves the use of a website template and a content management system (CMS).

Using a commercial website template is a quick, cost-effective starting point for creating a professional, mobile-friendly website design. A content management system (CMS) provides tools for quickly updating the website - without advanced technical knowledge. The CMS and template are used together so that new webpages created by the CMS will have a look and feel provided by the template.

Original Website Theme - before modifications

Original Website Theme

After applying the template to the CMS, we then proceed to upload the final content of the website. This is done using the CMSs tools. During the process of applying the template to the CMS and updating the content, we make slight modifications to the website template. These include changes to the logo, font, colours, icons, backgrounds, and others. These changes are made to match the branding of the website and fit the template to the selected CMS.

The final result is a unique website that can be easily updated using simple tools.
Final Website - after modifications to theme

Final CMS Theme

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