Use CMS to Update Website

Use CMS to Update Website

A website is a collection of webpages. Each webpage is a complex text file of HTML and programming code, too complex to be edited by most website owners. Furthermore, many websites employ a database to hold the information published by the website e.g. products, users and forum posts. As a result, most websites employ a content management system (CMS) for adding and updating their content. A CMS is a set of tools for easily updating your website content without advanced technical knowledge.

There are many different types of content management systems (CMS) available to website owners. The choice of CMS depends on: the purpose of the website (e.g. shopping, blogs, forums); the technical skill of the person updating it; the budget for the project; among other factors. A CMS creates new pages using templates and themes. Deploying a CMS typically includes the application of a commercial website template to control the look and feel of new pages added to the website.

Each content management system employs different tools for updating the website. These typically include password protected administrative panels. These panels can be built into the website or part of third-party platforms.

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Though a content management system typically avoids the needs for web development skills, content managers still need to prepare the text, images, documents, videos and other content they intend to upload to their website. Preparing these materials may involve other skills and may require additional third-party services e.g. graphic arts.

Finally, it is very common for small businesses and even micro-entrepreseurs to outsource the tasks associated with updating their websites. In this case the content management system will be used by a professional. Even so, building a content management system into your website significantly reduces the workload and billable hours associated with maintaining your updated website.

In summary: a content management system simplifies the process of updating your website content. The choice of CMS depends on the purpose of the website, skill of the administrator, budget for the project, and other factors. Even when planning to outsource the task of updating your website, a content management system will significantly reduce the turnaound time and cost associated with updates.

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