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5 Reasons Every Job Seeker Needs an Online Portfolio

Every serious job seeker should create an on-line portfolio. Forbes once published that 56 percent of hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s on-line portfolio than any other personal branding tool. Unfortunately, only 7 percent of applicants have created an on-line resume.

There are some very good reasons for an on-line resume:

  • It helps you stand out. Only 7 percent of candidates have one so your interviewer is unlikely to have seen anything like it and will be impressed by your innovation. Simply sending your resume from is quite a first impression.
  • It makes you easier to find and contact. Potential employers can search for you on-line and to check your resume at any time from any computer or mobile device. Anyone can send you an email from right on your page. Businesspeople always prefer those who make things easier and faster.
  • It creates more job opportunities by allowing companies, colleagues and friends to share your information via social media.
  • It enhances your resume by allowing you to include photos, video, documents, website links and many other resources that can’t be included in a cover letter.
  • It’s easier to update. When you update your website everyone sees the new information the next time they check it. If someone is passing around your resume as a document you can’t update that.

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