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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design (RWD) is a must

Responsive web design (RWD) is a modern technique that enables a website to change its appearance based on the device viewing it (desktop, tablets, mobile phones). Responsive design has become an essential feature of modern websites as more than half the traffic on the Internet now comes from mobile devices. Here are some key features of a responsive interface:


  • Collapses to a button on small screens which opens to reveal the complete menu in a drop down
  • The menu bar remains fixed on the top of the screen so that users can access it even while scrolling to the bottom of the page

Form fields and content

  • Display horizontally on large screens but vertically on small screens
  • Display help within the form field itself to save screen space
  • Adjustable in width to prevent horizontal scrolling or the need for zooming (pinching) on small devices
  • Text remains consistently sized on all devices to maintain readability
  • Form labels also disappear on small screens to save space (not fully implemented)

Buttons and labels

  • Icons are displayed alongside button text
  • To save screen space on small devices the button text disappears leaving only icons

Research has shown that mobile users are more likely purchase on a mobile-optimized site and also likely to leave if the site is not mobile-friendly. Current website operators should retrofit their existing website with a responsive interface if it can't be rebuilt altogether. All new website builds should definitely incorporate responsive website design.