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Physical Storefront Needs an Online companion

The Essential Online Storefront

The Essential Online Storefront provides small and micro-entrepreneurs a fast, simple and cost-effective way to publish an online store where customers can order and pay for products without visiting the physical store.

As the name implies the Essential Online Storefront is everything you need and nothing you don't. This keeps the time and cost of publishing the store to a minimum while providing a customer experience typically reserved for large businesses or corporations.

In two workdays the Essential Online Storefront will provide:

  1. A custom domain name
  2. A custom email address
  3. A custom website:
    1. Mobile Friendly
    2. Backend for adding, editing and deleting pages
    3. Optional blogs, galleries and videos
    4. Mass email
  4. An Online Store:
    1. Upload/edit your own products
    2. Collect payments using: WiPay, PayPal
    3. Issue coupons and promotions
    4. Offer multiple shipping options and calculate shipping
    5. Manage inventory and show Out-of-stock message
    6. Allow persons to register for accounts with your store
    7. Offer discounts to registered customers only
    8. Much more.
Now that electronic payments are becoming more commonplace in Trinidad and Tobago (and the wider Caribbean) HBC is seeking to ensure that small and micro-entrepreneurs can benefit from these developments as much as larger corporations.
Check out the latest customer of our Essential Online Storefront - the JD Collection. See how a micro-entrepreneur can afford a professional, fully-featured website without breaking the bank. Contact us today to get started with your store and learn more about government grants to build your for first website.