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This portal has two functions: a BIZBOOSTER corporate web presence and; a Crowdfunding platform. It is equip with a content management system (CMS) and digital marketing tools to facilitate the implementation of a digital marketing strategy. It incorporates media publishing (articles, photos, videos and documents), email marketing, social networking (profile pages and online groups) and collaborative tools.

Our easy-to-use CMS will allow BIZBOOSTER’s staff to publish information on their entrepreneurs, start-ups and volunteers. The website will collect much of this information from the stakeholders using online forms, for example, a registration form. The CMS also allows HBC to provide cost-efficient content management and digital marketing services to BIZBOOSTER on an ongoing basis.

Visit the BizBooster Website

Visit the BizBooster Website

The Crowdfunding platform lets entrepreneurs register and submit funding campaigns. Once reviewed and approved by BIZBOOSTER, donors can register/login and pre-approve (aka pledge) a payment to the campaign. If enough funds are pledged to the campaign before the deadline date it is transferred to the entrepreneur, otherwise, nothing happens.

Visit the BizBooster Website

Visit the BizBooster Website

Visit the BizBooster Website

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