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This is the corporate web presence of the National Energy Skills Center (NESC). In addition to publishing public information on the multiple campuses and courses available the portal also publishes private information available only to students, staff and other stakeholders. The portal also provides number of online services including the ability to apply for courses and view exam results.

The National Energy Skills Centre (NESC) had a manual registration system whereby applicants were required to visit the centres to collect the forms, complete and then return to submit their application for various programmes.

HBC Services Limited digitized all their hard copy forms e.g. Student Application Form. The result has been increased applications, more complete data being provided on the forms and the NESC is now better able to track submission patterns to provide inputs into when programmes are released and the effectiveness of distribution channels being used.

The NESC registrar department no longer has to assign staff to create a programme application spreadsheet as these are updated and maintained automatically during online form submissions.

Visit the NESC Website

Visit the NESC Website