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Mobile-friendly Email Design

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Mobile-friendly email campaigns are part of NESC's digital strategy. These emails are designed and sent in bulk by HBC on NESC's behalf. The content of the emails is customized with other data including the names and job titles of their contacts.

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The email campaign's primary purpose is to encourage registrations to NESC's part-time diploma programmes and short courses. NESC provided the list ant content of this email. HBC provided the mobile-friendly layout, graphic design and bulk emailing service.

NESC's Mobile-friendly Email Campaign

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The email campaigns are sent directly from NESC's mobile-friendly website provided by HBC. The number of emails opened and the links clicked on the email are all tracked by the system and compiled in charts. The emails can incorporate any data available via the website. For example, stored student records are used to email grades.

NESC's Mobile-friendly Email Campaign

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