• Changing Banners on the Home Page

    This video shows how simple it is to add, edit and delete header images on the home page of your store.
  • Online Store Management

    In this video we cover the basics of adding, editing and deleting products (and categories) on your e-commerce website from https://hbc.services.
  • Community Features Overview

  • User Registration

    • Users register via email verification process
    • Captcha used
    • Hashed password storage
    • Theoretically unlimited database size
    • Admin can:
    o create, edit and delete user accounts
    o create roles and manage role based permissions for each user
    o Determine the access of each role to various section and features thereby (optionally) requiring manual assignment of site privileges after email verification.
    • Video: https://hbc.services/UserRegistration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Admin can customize title, keyword and description (“metadata”) for each page
    • Search engine optimization features in key areas: e.g. Blogs, News, Events
    • Automatically customize metadata with content from events, blogs etc.
    o This improves indexing of content heavy areas and SEO
    • Appropriate use of header tags to help indexing and relevance determination
    • Editors allow addition of descriptive alternate text for images and title text for links.
    o This information is also indexed by search engines to determine the relevance of images and links.
    • Video: https://hbc.services/SEO
  • Ease of Use

    • In-line content editing
    • Rich text editor with version history
    • Point and click content and website administration
    • Page and content templates for ease of use
    • Recycle Bin
  • SSL Testing

    • SSL Certificate from recognized Certification Authority
    • SSL Security Testing
    More Information
    • Video: https://hbc.services/SSL
  • Authentication

    • Passwords are hashed (one-way encryption)
    • Options to enforce minimum password requirements
    o Disable retrieval and/or reset
    o Length and number of non-alphanumeric characters
    o Password strength
    o Number of invalid attempts before account lock
    • All input sanitised and form data validated
    • Site Log and Event log
    • Change log and rollback for general web content
    • Modern security features according to international standards
    More Information
    • Video: https://hbc.services/Authentication
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  • Event Management

    • Authorised users can:
    o create, edit and delete events
    o Send ad-hoc reminders and set automated reminder
    • Search by location, category. Sort results by date, title, location etc.
    • Site wide search includes events
    • Selected user groups can enroll up to optional limit
    • Viewers can opt-in to reminders for new events and set reminders per event
    • Email, print and export events from within the page
    • Optional social media integration
    • Video: https://hbc.services/Demos/EventPromotion
    • Video: https://hbc.services/Demos/EventManagement
    • Online demonstration: https://demo.hbc.services/Events. Login and view an event’s detail.
  • Summary and Featured Content

    Calendar and Upcoming Events
    • Offers calendar and list views of events
    • Can place a summary of events on any page
    • Views can be themed
    • Summaries can be restricted by location and category
    Latest news/Site news and Trending Topics
    • Can display a list of latest: articles, events, blog posts/comments, library files, user activity and more anywhere on the website
    • “Featured Sections” section and banner areas on home page
    • User profile and Community pages display latest activities of its users: e.g. uploads, event enrollment, comments
    • Users can “Like” or “Follow” other users to get updates on their activity.
    • Built in messaging and notification system
    • Video: https://hbc.services/SummaryContent
    • Demo Website: https://demo.hbc.services
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