• Responsive Web Design

    Our mobile-friendly websites are created using a technique called "Responsive Web Design". Learn about Responsive Design and why it is important for your business. Contact https://hbc.services for your mobile-friendly website today!
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    We help small businesses and professionals use the Internet to compete with their larger competitors. We provide mobile-friendly websites, email services, graphics, photography, video recording, printing, copy-writing, professional support and more.
  • Design

    Design Elements
    These features modernize the display towards legibility and mobile friendliness.
    • Collapsible menu
    • Website content is displayed vertically on small screens eg smartphone and tablets.
    • Images, videos, maps and forms adjust to screen size
    • Hide larger content on smaller screens:
    o Hardly used, most mobile users complain of limited information.
    o One example is the banner subtitles. These will not show on smaller screens.
    • Video: https://hbc.services/Design
    • In order to view your website as it would be displayed on smaller screens you can decrease the width of your desktop browser or press Ctrl+Shift+M in Mozilla Firefox