Business Oportunities

We're selling copies of these e-commerce and resume websites.
Please contact us if you fall into any of the following groups.


Can you generate sales for instant, lightly customisable, pre-built websites like these store or resume examples? Get a minimum 20% recurring commision or discount. Contact Us to get started.

Cottage Industries and Micro-entrepreneurs

Get a copy of the JDC store from 1800 TTD. Send your product images and information - get a website next business day. Custom colors and free logos.


Need a website for your school, charity, business, government or other group? Contact us about sponsorships, work-exchange, bulk-purchases and other proposals.

Accounting and Business Management

Are you a freelance accountant, accounting clerk, or business manager?
Do you need a professional website for your enterprise like this one?
Please consider the offer below and contact us if you are interested.

What We Need

Data entry services and general maintenance of our accounting system so that we can continue to prepare audited financial statements and perform other compliance activities.

What We Are Offering

We will build and maintain your business website in its entirety. This includes providing domain name, email and content updating services. You are required to provide your own text.

Other Areas for Cooperation

Expand our e-commerce service to include onboarding onto online payment processors. May include: business registration, opening bank accounts and prepration of financial documentation.